Forest of Woe

The Forest of Woe is the popular name of the Eladain Wood. It is located on the borders of the provinces of Narcon and Dyrnoth in the Borinean Empire. Several small settlements dot the perimeter of the forest, including Arkwood and Sunvale.

The “Three Tragedies of the Forest of Woe” are known by legend as follows:

  1. 1. The disappearance of Princess Yelena on her trip to marry the Elven prince.
  2. 2. The silencing of the Elven capitol of Luminol after the prince’s wedding to his second fiancee.
  3. 3. Rumours of a great and terrible beast that roams the heart of the forest.

The forest seems to be ripe with corruption. The heroes have identified two sources so far:
a) Runestones have been falling from the sky, corrupting those who hold them and acting as portals for aberrations to our world.
b) Serpent men appear to be corrupting the plants of the forest, making their bark scaly and reptilian.

Forest of Woe

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