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Welcome to the Buried Secrets Campaign Page!

“Buried Secrets” is a D&D campaign that began in March 2010 using 4th Edition rules and converted to 5th Edition rules in 2015.

Story Arcs

So far, there have been three major story arcs in the campaign:

Mysteries of Sunvale (Chapters 1 through 7)

In the opening arc, a caravan escort job goes awry, leading Wrathy, Ragnar, and Elzin to the town of Sunvale. There they help the locals fight off a variety of threats, while learning of the sad history of the Eladain Woods and first encountering the threat of the Runestones, rocks that have fallen from the sky with a corruptive, alien language trapped inside them.

Chapter 1: Caravan Guards
Chapter 2: Royal Ghosts
Chapter 3: Dark Forest
Chapter 4: Duel at Dawn
Chapter 5: Ambushing the Reavers
Chapter 6: Safety in Sunvale
Chapter 7: Rumble with the Inquisition

Gates and Mirrors (Chapters 8 through 16)

In the second arc, the heroes discover the Embassy’s gate to Sigil, and their unique ability to open it. This creates great opportunities and dangers for Sunvale and the surrounding regions. The Lord of Mirrors begins to feature as a major antagonist. The threat of the Runestones grows.

Chapter 8: Mysteries in the Basement
Chapter 9: Exploring Beyond the Gate
Chapter 10: Finding a Key in Sigil
Chapter 12: The Trapper’s Quarry
Chapter 13: Reflections of the Past
Chapter 14: Skullduggery in Starwhsiper
Chapter 15: Ghosts of Ragnar’s Past
Chapter 16: In Defence of Angels

Against the Cult of Tiamat (Chapters 17 through 23)

Things get personal in the third arc as Tiamat cultists sacrifice a number of Bahamut worshippers from Sunvale! The heroes initial assault ends in disaster, and leads to a chase into the very heart of chaos itself!

Chapter 17: Tainted Temple
Chapter 18: The Horrors Beneath the Temple
Chapter 19: Escape From the Tower of Tiamat
Chapter 20: Wrathy’s Lost Secret
Chapter 21: Searching For Wrathy
Chapter 22: Siege the Tower of Tiamat
Chapter 23: Sailing the Elemental Chaos

The Quest For Luminol (Chapters 24 to 31)

Having returned from a harrowing trip into the planes, the heroes decide it’s time to tie up loose ends by solving the mysteries of the Forest of Woe once and for all.

Chapters 24 and 25: Return to Sunvale and Searching the Moon Wells
Chapters 25 and 26: The Dark Secret of Luminol.
Chapters 27 to 30: The Moon Mage’s Sanctum
Chapter 31 – The Royal Palace

The Siege of Allobar (Chapters 32 to present)

Having narrowly defeated the dragon Narindra and her serpent allies, the heroes finally take the fight to the source of the rune stone infection – the dreadful pocket dimension called Allobar. It is here, of all places, where Ragnar learns the hideous truth about his missing memories.

Chapter 31: To Allobar
Chapter 32: The Terminus
Chapter 33: The Heart

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