Buried Secrets

Chapters 27 - 30 The Moon Mage's Sanctum

The Moon Mage

After escaping the city, one of the escaped slaves told the adventurers that they had been planning to take sanctuary in the home of the elven archmage known as the Moon Mage. Although the serpentine forces had yet to penetrate its defences, the escaped elves knew the secret of entry. Deciding that the Moon Mage’s Sanctum might have valuable tools to help fight the Medusae and their demonic statues, the heroes chose to explore it.

The Sanctum was a marvelous place where the architecture was not bound by the laws of nature. Several notable encounters occurred within:

  • They met Ygrille, a treant who acted as chief librarian of the Sanctum’s dark forest of books
  • In the observatory, they met the Celestial Giant Crillok. He explained that he had been defending the world against the Rune stone invasion by smashing the incoming meteors with giant boulders. He was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to protect the world for much longer, and offered to send the heroes to the source of the rune infection. The heroes chose to focus on Luminol before taking on this new quest.
  • The Moon Mage’s odd concept of justice was exposed when they encountered a group of elvish convicts. The mage had imprisoned and infected them with lycanthropy in an attempt to teach empathy for their fellow elves. The party had to kill them in self-defense.
  • Using the water-powered elevator to the top of the tower, the heroes disturbed a Marid (water djinn). They were able to free it from servitude, ending the battle prematurely.

Upon entering the Moon Mage’s personal chambers, they discovered his ghost in conversation with the notorious Black Mask! It was revealed that the Mask was actually the Elvish Prince, and the younger brother of the Elven King whose wedding had caused the tragedy of Luminol!



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