Lord of Mirrors

The Archdevil to whom Wrathy has sworn an Infernal Pact.


The Lord of Mirrors is considered a minor devil in the grand hierarchy, in part because he doesn’t reside in hell. What few realize is that the mirror dimension he inhabits gives him an ability to manipulate time itself.

Wrathy swore a pact to serve the Lord of Mirrors for the power to avenge his parents death at the hands of demons. Little did he realize that the devil would use him as an instrument to cause the very events that allowed the demons to attack his people! The Lord feeds upon the paradox created and the cycle of guilt and hatred it creates in Wrathy. The Lord suppressed the memories in Wrathy, allowing them to remaining just under the surface of consciousness.

Later on, the Lord of Mirrors took an interest in Wrathy’s companions, waylaying them in Chapter 13: Reflections of the Past, and indirectly causing the death of Ragnar! He seemed quite interested in the Runestones, and demonstrated how several of them could summon greater horrors than a single stone alone.

Possibly unbeknownst to him, Wrathy learned about his suppressed memories while adventuring in the Elemental Chaos, and has sworn a second pact to an Elemental Titan for additional power. Now, he secretly plans against the Lord of Mirrors…

Lord of Mirrors

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