Buried Secrets

Sad tidings of woe! The mighty heroes have been dealt a crushing defeat. And yet, this black day started so innocently…

Our intrepid band of adventurers had just returned to Sunvale from their misadventures in Starwhisper. Wrathy and Ragnar discussed arcane rituals of protection that might prevent further mischief from the Lord of Mirrors within their home base. Regild, the dwarf steward of Sunvale, stopped by to drop off a map. Their friend Kelsis had tired of waiting for the party’s help, and had gone to search for the moon wells without them. He had left a map behind in case they wished to follow after him.

Regild also remarked that he was surprised to see Batal at home, since the local shrine of Bahamut was hosting a holy festival of the Silver Feast. This news disturbed Batal, as he knew all of the holy festivals of the church of Bahamut … and the “Silver Feast” was not one of them. Batal went to investigate with Wrathy and Elzin, while Ragnar stayed home to work on his studies.

En route to the temple, the party encountered one of the congregation members, stumbling and clearly wounded. He told Batal that the priests had started slaughtering the worshipers! In falling to the ground, his unusually-large holy symbol of Bahamut had snapped, revealing it to be hollow. Nestled inside was an icon of Tiamat!

Enraged that Tiamat-worshipers would defile his god’s name, Batal rushed to the shrine, Elzin and Wrathy hot on his heels. At the shrine, he discovered four sinister figures, who threw off their cloaks to reveal dragonborn temple guards of Tiamat! In a brutal battle, the heroes vanquished these monsters and their foul human servants. Investigating the murder site afterwards, they discovered a trap door behind the altar. It revealed a spiral staircase, which led to an ancient temple to Tiamat … specifically, the white head of Tiamat.

On the next level, the party fought a pair of Dragonborn sorcerers and their horrific pack of frost hounds. They narrowly avoided a trap which encased the victim in solid ice, and defeated the sorcerers and their beasts. The door exiting the room was sealed by magic, but clanging on a nearby gong opened it.

Inside the inner sanctuary, the heroes saw a group of cultists engaged in a dark ritual. Two burly dragonborn gladiators were observing a scrying pool as the ritual progressed, through which they saw a silver dragon writhing in pain. Their leader was a massive dragonborn cleric of Tiamat, who had tattooed his scales in the many colours of the chromatic dragons in her honour. Seeing the heroes, he shouted a challenge to Batal, the champion of Bahamut, and attacked!

The heroes were immediately bombarded by the breath weapons of the dragonborn, and the unnatural, foul gifts of Tiamat. While the others fought the dragonborn, Ragnar attempted to disrupt the cultists. However, they seemed to be protected against his attack! He identified a nearby basin filled with blood as the source of their protection. Charging fearlessly into the room, he was able to disrupt it with a Mage Hand spell. He and Batal were able to make swift work of the cultists. The dragon was saved!

Unfortunately, the heroes had lowered their defences with this reckless assault. The dragonborn killed Ragnar and then Batal. Wrathy feigned conversion to their cause to give Elzin a chance to slip away, then tried to break away himself. They knocked him unconscious and took him prisoner.

Some time afterwards, Elzin retrieved the bodies of Batal and Ragnar, and took them to town to be raised. But Wrathy was gone…



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