Buried Secrets

Chapter 14: Skullduggery in Starwhsiper

Moments after defeating The Lord of Mirrors’ beholder, the party discovers that Ragnar has died. His body fades away, leaving only his staff. The staff also fades away, but the party grabs it and prevents it from vanishing.

After taunting the heroes one last time, The Lord of Mirrors banishes them. They awaken in a strange city, which they quickly determine to be Starwhisper, capital of the province of Averdi and the primary seat of magical learning within the empire.

The party gained lodging at the Dragonlight Inn, and then investigated the Temple of Bahamut. Batal requested aid in discerning the whereabouts of Ragnar. Met Father Solthis, a silver Dragonborn cleric of Bahamut. Solthis recognized Batal as a member of the Sons of the Dragon and promised his full cooperation.

Investigated both Grigor’s Golems and Living Weapons to determine who would be the best vendor to approach for a cortex reading. Established that Living Weapons engraves an eye above the sword hilt as its insignia, whereas Grigor’s Golems uses a magical aura to inscribe a stylized shield with “GG” inscribed. This led to the conclusion that the Warforged “137” had been built by Grigor.

Grigor inspected the damaged 137 and quietly noted the manufacturing number. He demonstrated that the cortex had been booby-trapped after manufacturing, suggesting that 137 was modified by the Clockwork Rebellion. He suggested that the party leave the matter alone, but they asked for the identity of the original owner.

The party then moves to the Hall of Phantasms to request an audience with Assistant Guildmaster Raleigh. There they meet Acolyte Jonas, who wears a tag assuring visitors that he is real. Jonas took their information and promised to send word to the Temple of Bahamut.

With no immediate task to complete, the adventurers chose to research the fallen Eladrin Kingdom. They presented themselves to the Eladrin community within Starwhisper and met Quin’al, who considers herself the ambassador of the Eladrin Kingdom-in-exile. She explained that the capital city went during the King’s marriage, and no attempts to contact it since have been successful. Furthermore, a great swamp has grown around the city, and a monstrous creature is said to prowl it.

The party earns Quin’al’s trust by explaining how they laid the tormented spirit of Princess Yelena to rest. Quin’al reveals that she never trusted the King’s second fiancee, and that her suspicions led to her exile from the kingdom. She also mentions that she was very fond of the King’s first fiancee, Princess Yelena, and that although eladrin scouts were unable to find Yelena’s body, they did find her dowry chest. The heroes provide the key that Yelena’s spirit gave them … revealing a large pile of treasure, and a key to the Star Gate, the magical barrier that isolates the eladrin capital. With this valuable find, the heroes and Quin’al agree to begin preparation for a future expedition to discover what really happened to the Eladrin kingdom.



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