Buried Secrets

Chapter 4: Duel at Dawn

At the end of the last session, the PCs had retrieved Princess Yelena‘s body and buried it on the outskirts of the forest, releasing her spirit. The session ended on a cliffhanger as the reanimated corpses of Yelena’s traitorous bodyguards closed in on the heroes.

Elzin took the brunt of the damage between an assault from a Chillborn Zombie and the area attacks of her “”/characters/ragnar" class=“wiki-content-link”>allies." A second wave of skeleton reinforcements arrived mid-battle, but the party weathered the storm without casualties.

Afterwards, the team returned to the small village of Sunvale, where they had left their employer Casinal while sidetracked by Yelena. Unfortunately he did not fare well in their absence. A group of savage monsters attacked the inn he was staying at, taking several prisoners and killing many others. Casinal was one of the casualties. Upon investigating the grisly scene, Ragnar concluded that the attackers were extraplanar creatures with ties to the Far Plane. The party also discovered that one victim had been killed by a slit throat instead of the monstrous wounds that the other villagers suffered. While interviewing the feverish bartender, Ellzin learned that Casinal had been arguing with a cloaked figure over a small pouch shortly before the inn was attacked.

The party now plans to track the marauders and save their victims. Meanwhile, Wrathy has accepted a special request from an elderly warlock, and learned more about his own debt to the mysterious Lord of Mirrors…



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