Buried Secrets

Chapter 3: Dark Forest

Previously, the heroes had recovered the remains of the Princess Yelena from the ettercap lair beneath the Grasping Oak. They now had to bring the body back to their old camp site where they first met the Princess’ shade.

When they arrived at the camp site, they realized something strange had occurred. One of the trees had bark that was scaly like a reptile’s skin. As they examined this phenomenon they were surrounded by a number of large snakes and a hooded figure. As the figure ordered the snakes to attack, the tree came alive and joined its foul kin.

The heroes dealt with the corrupted tree and the snakes without too much trouble, but the hooded figure escaped. With the campsite secure, they now only had to wait for Yelena.

Shortly before dawn Yelena and her ghostly retinue appeared. She thanked the heroes, and told them to keep the key that was with the body, as it was the key to her lost dowry chest. She also offered her magical diadem. She told them that she and her betrayer guards could now rest. But while their spirits departed, the bodies of the guards retained too much Necromantic corruption, and the shambling dead advanced on the heroes as the sun rose…



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