Buried Secrets

Chapter 23: Sailing the Elemental Chaos

After triggering the destruction of the Tower of Tiamat and fleeing about Captain Algrin Delloth‘s skiff, the heroes decided that they needed to check on the marooned Githzerai settlement, as the freed ice elemental might threaten the entire landmass given time. At this time the party also learned that Thia, one of Delloth’s crew members, had successfully hidden on the skiff and avoided capture from the Tiamat cultists days before.

When they landed in the settlement, they found it empty except for one child, who told them that slavers had captured the Githzerai after they left! Delloth guessed that they would be heading for the City of Brass.

The heroes resolved to catch the slavers before they could reach the city. But as they prepared to take off, they were attacked by two survivors of the tower – a wyvern and Viarr, the servant of Tiamat who had previously killed Batal and Wrathy!

Viarr was unprepared for the new power that his foes had gained, or for the skills of their new ally Thia. He was overwhelmed within seconds, and when he took to the air to gain an advantage Batal was able to follow with his Winged Boots. Meanwhile, Ragnar was able to disable the wyvern with Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere, and knocked it off the ship with a subsequent Gust of Wind.

After dispatching of his hated foe, Batal was rewarded by Bahamut with mighty plate armour that formed out of his own bloody wounds. The time had come for Bahamut’s avengers to step out of the shadows and face evil directly!

The heroes had a short time to rest while Delloth set course for the City of Brass. After a few hours they saw a group of Githzerai lying on an isolated rock floating in the chaos. It was unclear if they were alive or dead. The party set down to investigate, with the captain minding the ship and Elzin staying with the young child. It turned out that the bodies were illusionary, and a wall of flame isolated the heroes from their ship!

Another ship rose up from behind the landmass, and they were addressed by The Red Hand, who loudly proclaimed himself the greatest pirate in the planes and told them they were all now his property. Wrathy responded with a barrage of eldritch blasts that nearly knocked Red Hand off his own ship, and battle was joined!

Wrathy and Batal focused on Red Hand while Ragnar and Thia handled his ogre minions. While Red Hand himself was formidable, his minions proved easy prey, and he was ill-equipped to fight Wrathy and Batal combined. While prideful, he was not blinded by the religious fervour that had doomed Viarr – instead he offered to transport the heroes home via Plane Shift if they ended the battle and let him keep his slaves. The heroes demanded that he give up the slaves as well. Enraged by their terms but knowing that he could not win the fight, Red Hand turned invisible and fled, swearing vengeance against them all!

The heroes freed the Githzerai, and Grazin thanked them for all they had done. He promised them that the Githzerai of the Frozen Monastery would always be ready to assist them. When Wrathy inquired about portals to the Prime Material plane, Grazin suggested that the heroes accompany them back to the monastery, where travel to Sigil might be arranged.



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