Buried Secrets

Chapter 22: Siege the Tower of Tiamat

With the party finally reunited, they planned on the way to best attack the cultists’ tower. The Frost Giants guarding the front entrance were deemed too powerful to attack. Manipulating the Goristro demon they had encountered earlier was an option, but it was violent and very deadly. The party ultimately decided to enter the same way that Wrathy had escaped, via the dungeons in the basement. Ragnar did dispatch a summoned Succubus to try to entreat the Goristro to attack the giants. While the gambit succeeded, the Goristro also slew the succubus, rendering Ragnar unable to summon it in the future.

Entering the basement, the heroes quietly entered the room containing Sovin, the powerful Githzerai Psion whose powers kept the tower solid in exchange for his wife’s continued safety. While he initially refused to believe them, the heroes eventually convinced Sovin that his wife Sarallick had been turned into a horrible creature, and the cultists were keeping her hidden in a special room to prevent him from sensing this. With his resolve shattered, Sovin stopped enforcing his will on the tower … and the tower attacked him!

The heroes rushed out of the room and quickly freed Captain Algrin Delloth, who offered to fly them out of there if they could get to his skiff up above. The tower continued to lash out as its occupants, and the Goristro launched its assault on the Frost Giants at the same time! Facing minimal resistance, the heroes reached the midway point of the tower, where the Captain’s ship was docked. The damage to the tower had broken the integrity of the iron prison room, and the Thing That Was Once Sarralick started oozing out of it. The adventurers avoided it narrowly and boarded the ship, which flew away from the tower. Behind them, they saw a massive elemental creature forming out of the tower … something powerful enough to quickly crush the frost giants and the Goristro demon. A red dragon with some riders fled the remains of the tower, paying no attention to the heroes ship. The Tiamat cultists had been routed, but the ice elemental was a threat to any creatures living on the landmass. Creatures such as the Githzerai refugees in the mountains…



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