Buried Secrets

Mithras was tutoring Wrathy to become an adept of Vezzuvu. As his final initiation, he needed to be entombed alive in ice, where he would face his greatest shame. In order to survive, he would need to tap in to the anger beneath his guilt. But he did not remember his moment of greatest guilt … yet.

[GM Note: At this point I handed David a replica of Wrathy’s original Level 1 character sheet.]

Shortly after Wrathy had made his pact with the Lord of Mirrors, he was instructed to steal an artifact from the Tarien League. Wrathy relished the chance to steal from them, as he blamed them failing to stop the demon jailbreak that had destroyed his community as a child and taken his mother away.

Stepping out of a mirror in a dusty storeroom, Wrathy took a stealthy approach. As a new warlock, he recognized that he could not hope to defeat these magic users in open combat. Instead he crawled through the service corridors used by the small constructs that the Tarien League employed for cleaning and minor labour. He was able to befriend the constructs, and named one of them Fetcher – a great honour, as the constructs were never named by their masters! The servant constructs believed that Wrathy was a member of the Tarien League, and he was able to get them to retrieve keys from a senior member’s quarters.

Armed with keys, Wrathy moved into the hallway, managing to briefly bluff one guard and use illusion magic to distract another. He then snuck into the reliquary room using the keys the servants had obtained for him. He searched frantically for his prize, while one of the guards who was suspicious about his earlier answers entered the room to question him.

Just in time, Wrathy found what the Lord of Mirrors had asked him to retrieve. It was a dagger that looked identical to the pact dagger he had bought from the sinister merchant in Sigil a few years ago. As he removed the dagger from its place, the whole building began to tremble. More guards entered the room and yelled for Wrathy to stop! The Lord of Mirrors’ image beckons from a nearby mirror, and Wrathy ran and dove through the mirror, disappearing from view.

Wrathy emerged in a dusty little house. The taste of the air instantly told him he was in the Grand Market of Sigil. An old man stepped out of the shadows, congratulating him on his work and asking for the blade. As Wrathy gave it to him, he recognized the man as the same merchant who had sold him the identical pact blade years before in that very market!

Smiling at Wrathy’s growing realization, the merchant explained that the Lord of Mirrors portals could transcend time as well as space. The Tarien League outpost that Wrathy had raided had been the same one that his community was built next to! When he stole his own Pact Blade from them, that was part of the sequence of events that had caused the demonic prison to shatter. Wrathy had contributed to the very tragedy that had made him swear an oath to the Lord of Mirrors in the first place!

Outraged at this development, Wrathy blasted the merchant with arcane power. The merchant’s fell to the floor, his body melting away. His laughing voice remained on the wind. It told Wrathy that the Lord of Mirrors would hide these memories from him so that Wrathy would remain a faithful pawn. But he would remember a hint of his guilt whenever he looked in a mirror…

In the present day, Wrathy’s anger swelled, and the flame melted his icy prison. He told Mithras that now that he knew the truth, the Lord of Mirrors would also pay his role in the Tarien League’s destruction.



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