Buried Secrets

Chapter 21: Searching For Wrathy

Batal, Elzin and Ragnar surveyed the land mass from their perch and decided where to explore first. To their left they saw an observatory on an island in a pool or liquid lightning, and what looked like a crash sailing ship in the mountains beyond it. They decided to pursue this path of exploration first.

As they neared the observatory, a large boulder like object crashed into it! The boulder had come from a dark, upside-down tornado in the horizon, which Ragnar identified as being the Abyss, where demons dwell. As the group cautiously approached the object, they verified that was actually an organic surface. Suddenly, it opened and two demons appeared!

The party defeated the demons in a brief but brutal combat. Seeing more since of movement within the egg transport, they decided to run for the mountains beyond the observatory. This proved a wise decision, as a mighty Goristro demon emerged from it! They fled into the mountains, leaving the demon to run amok in the cold wastes.

In the mountains, they found an enclave of Githzerai who had build a community around their crashed vessel. They met the Githzerai elder, Grazin. He explained that the vessel had been travelling through the Elemental Chaos years ago with a cargo of prisoners loyal to Tiamat. The ship ran aground here, and the cultists escaped, taking two of the Githzerai hostage. With no hope of rescue, Grazin decided that the Githzerai should focus on survival, and not attempt to fight the Tiamat cultists further. Mithras, another member of the expedition, balked at this plan and left the enclave to continue his war against the Tiamat cultists and perhaps rescue Sovin and Sarallick.

Grazin was unwilling to help the heroes confront the cultists or rescue Wrathy, but he did give them general directions on where they could look for Mithras. This meant crossing the icy plains again … but when they went to do so they discovered that the mutable terrain was more hilly than before. They moved across the expanse as stealthily as possible, wary of the Goristro and other predators. Finally they reached the opposite mountain range. Here they were ambushed by a Frost Hound on a narrow mountain ledge:


The party fended off the beast, and the final blow was delivered by an unexpected source: Wrathy, who was in league with Mithras! The party was reunited at last.



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